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Given to the Pirate (The Pirate's Deal, #3)

Length: 43 pages32 minutes


The third and final book in The Pirates’ Deal trilogy!

When a crooked butler made off with Ana’s noble title and inheritance, she was determined to pursue him and get back what was rightfully hers.  But hiring Captain Jack and his band of pirates may not have been the best choice.  Ana has spent the last couple days of the voyage locked inside the Captain’s quarters - and used as his own personal plaything, doing whatever he demands for his own pleasure.

But now, the enemy is in sight - and Ana is finally starting to feel hopeful once again!  As they close in, she can almost taste her inheritance, back within reach.  But this comes with a startling and unexpected realization.  Ana doesn’t want to give up Captain Jack!  The man may be a rogue, but he also excites orgasmic sensations in her that she’s never felt with anyone else.  What will Ana choose - to return to her life as a noble lady, or to turn her back on her fortune and stay with this lawless pirate?

The third chapter of The Pirates’ Deal trilogy, this sexy pirate thriller is guaranteed to leave bosoms heaving and masts at full sail!  Keep out of the reach of cabin boys - this is for mature audiences only!

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