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If you’re unsure of which patron saint to call on when confronting obstacles, then you need this ready reference.

Arranged alphabetically by subject and by saint, it includes thousands of listings and hundreds of holy advocates. You’ll discover one hundred and fifty titles for the Blessed Virgin Mary resulting in more than seven thousand invocations.

You’ll learn about saints from the British Isles, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Mexico, Northern Europe, South America, Spain, and elsewhere. Almost every country has a patron saint, and some have several.

The saint most commonly invoked for particular needs is marked by bold script, but you’ll also become acquainted with lesser-known saints that you can invoke. You’ll find patrons for sinners, such as thieves; patrons for children, including by gender and type; patrons for various types of animals; patrons for different ailments; and many more.

The Comprehensive Dictionary of Patron Saints is invaluable for authors, churches, libraries, and the faithful seeking to conduct research, answer questions, and overcome life’s most difficult challenges.

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