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In “Lipstick,” enjoy the fast pace adventures of an orphan child that rose to the heights of wealth only after she killed two people. It was with that birth that she discovered her true calling, her real purpose in life. Her lipstick-coated beauty takes murder and revenge to the ultimate level that will leave you guessing to the climatic end. It will have you speechless, excited, and wanting more.

Then as you come down from that story, SaBrowny Rae takes you right back up again with “I, Judas.” A powerful story of a bloodthirsty, sexually sadistic demon let out of hell with the sole purpose of creating more of his kind—creatures that would live on the life force of mankind. He becomes bent on capturing the woman of his desires as a team of unlikely people form to attempt to stop his pursuits and send him back to the darkest corner of hell. Entertaining in a way that will push your imagination to its limits.

Come join SaBrowny Rae as she invites you to meet her at the back door.

SaBrowny Rae is a vivid storyteller that will entertain you in the same way that she grew up. When on any given summer night, one would find the neighborhood children on the back porch, intensely listening to the latest story. She weaves two fast-paced novels that will leave you wanting more.
Published: Xlibris on
ISBN: 9781499037241
List price: $3.99
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