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Shaking Hands with the Devil -- Rafe Velez Mystery 3 (Rafe Velez Mysteries, #3)

Shaking Hands with the Devil -- Rafe Velez Mystery 3 (Rafe Velez Mysteries, #3)

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Shaking Hands with the Devil -- Rafe Velez Mystery 3 (Rafe Velez Mysteries, #3)

45 pages
36 minutes
Jul 8, 2014


Rafe investigates a child custody case that seems to be nothing more than an overreaction by a worry-wart parent. But when thugs insert themselves into the equation, Rafe finds it's time to be carrying a gun on the job. Plus, an old nemesis intrudes on his business. Will this criminal mastermind become a new client – or his last?

Rafe Velez is a fictional character, based on a real person alive today. One thing you can be sure of: you will never, ever guess who he actually is!

As a private investigator, Rafe dealt with decades of crime, divorce, death and depravity – and barely broke even. Pushing 50, he had a few extra pounds around the middle, a sprinkling of gray hair and a cynical view of life, relieved only by a deadpan sense of humor. All of that changed one day, thanks to a windfall he didn't expect.

Enter the world of the Rafe Velez Mysteries: intrigue, suspense, mystery, crime and a cast of characters taken from real life (and changed just enough to protect their identities – at least, until the statute of limitations expires). Enter into the mind of a man whose life is an open book – that should be suppressed!

Meet his friends, frenemies and frequent locations for his adventures:

• Detectives Toole and Williams, Robbery/Homicide's finest – said nobody, never.
• Harpo, a stray dog that wandered into his life and has a great sense of humor.
• Jean Smalls, the first woman in a long time who threatens to take his bachelor card.
• Keith Verdi, electrical contractor, who has other talents – and secrets.
• Momo Argento, the semi-retired Don of a crime family, who keeps a hand in the game.
• The Greasy Spoon restaurant, a real tribute to truth in advertising.
• The Shiny Penny, your soon-to-be-favorite dive bar.

...and a motley crew of clients and suspects. Expect surprises: not every client is on the right side of the law and not every suspect is guilty.

You won't always know what's going on in the minds of the supporting characters. You will always know exactly what Rafe is thinking – unless he's not thinking at all!

Discover The Rafe Velez Mysteries. No, really, go ahead! PG Rated – no four letter words or explicit sex, but if you read between the lines...

Jul 8, 2014

About the author

You may have already read work by the author AB Stonebridge. As a ghostwriter for many different clients, his work has been seen all over the world. Writing a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and 'True Fiction' (also known as invented history), his work adorns many reports, stories, Web pages and more. Now, after repeated entreaties, pleas, threats and some mockery from fellow authors, AB Stonebridge is creating popular fiction for the Kindle Store. In it you'll discover a breadth and depth of experience that only an exciting life (that did not end abruptly in premature death) can bring you! AB Stonebridge has seen and done things in his life that most people shy away from. You are cordially invited to guess which plot elements are drawn from real life and which come from a rich imagination. In addition, he has met and befriended people from all over the world. Many of them appear in his works. The names have been changed to protect the guilty. If you like suspense, mystery, noir touches, cynical humor and surprise, you'll love his work. There will be characters you love, characters you love to hate and a wide-ranging view of life, in a world not unlike our own, that will draw you into its twists and turns. Take all the time you need, in the next thirty seconds, and decide to delve into the works and world of AB Stonebridge. The more you read, the more you'll find yourself entranced by the stories, personalities and just plain good fun packed into every work. AB Stonebridge is not a legend, myth or giant - yet. It's up to you, the reader, to discover the works of AB Stonebridge, share them with friends and family and decide for yourself. Without your support, he is nothing. With your support, more and more of his works will become available, for your delectation.

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Book Preview

Shaking Hands with the Devil -- Rafe Velez Mystery 3 (Rafe Velez Mysteries, #3) - AB Stonebridge

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12


Chapter 1

Bethy Belknap kissed her child on the head in passing, rushing to answer the doorbell. Outside, a younger woman stood, waiting for the door to open. She was earnest-looking, toting a purse and a shoulder bag. The morning sun was warming her back.

Hi, come in. I'm running late, as usual. The Munchkin is in a good mood today. How are you, Andie?

Fine, Mrs. Belknap. Anything I can do to help you?

Nope. I'm away! Bethy hustled out, shutting the door behind her.

Andie shrugged off her purse and shoulder bag on the sofa. She walked over to the Munchkin, smiling and holding out her arms. The child returned the gesture and Andie said, C'mere, Jack. Jump up.

Jack, the Munchkin, ran the few feet between them and hopped up and down. His face wore a broad, beaming smile. Andie gathered him up with a practiced scoop, then walked back to the sofa and plopped down.

What do you want to do today?


We can watch that new pirate movie. It's rated ARRRRR! Jack mimicked Andie's pirate-speak, giggling and squirming.

Andie's phone rang. She took it from her purse, frowned at the screen and answered the call. Hi, Bucky. What's up?

Bucky spoke at length. Andie's look changed from apprehensive to grim as he spoke. She finally interrupted, sharply. That sounds like a 'you' problem, not a 'me' problem. How much money do you owe? Jack tugged at her sleeve, absently. Bucky spoke a few more words.

I'll see you after work at home. I don't have that much money, so don't ask me again. And don't bother Mom, either. She's bailed you out too many times already. Bucky hung up.

Andie took a breath, then focused on her young charge. Pirates! Under her breath, she said, I've got a brother who's a pirate.

Seated at her desk at work, Bethy organized the scattered papers and folders others had dropped on her desk, a placid smile on her face. Her boss approached her, apparently in the midst of giving morning marching orders to his troops.

We need everything for the 10 AM meeting ready at 9:55, he said as he passed. She nodded just before he shifted his eyes to the desk next to her.

A note attached to a folder on the top of her pile said, Need rev dwgs. Call Wright soonest. Push hard. Bethy sighed, picked up her phone and called Wright. Mr. Wright, this is Bethy Belknap. Do you have the revised drawings ready yet? Well, when can we expect them? Sorry, they told me we really need them. Wright growled back into her ear, then cut off the call.

"No, thank you, Mr. Wright. Thank you very much," she said to herself

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