A noble-great-spiritual-esthetic life is a life where you feel full of infinite possibilities and live it out. It's hard to stay inspired all the time. You have to discover your true nature then make a pact with yourself that your life will be nothing more than honoring who you were born to be by nature by releasing that inspired-esthetic-spiritiual-loving energy everyday with gusto and passion for the process but there will be tragedies and hard times.

People and pets you love will die. Some will get sick. You will get sick or injured. There might be other hardships like money problems, relationship problems, having a child with a disability, having a child rebel against you, etc.

I've gone through some of these trials where I felt like I was dead man walking. Despite how strong, vital and inspired I was for many years, I felt like all of it meant nothing because all you ever have is one moment in time, right now. All the great energy you might have had in the past doesn't mean anything anymore.

I lived a fun, easy life until some tragedies hit then I felt shellshocked like all of a sudden I realized that life is hard for a lot of people. Millions of people have disabilities, problems or they're just old, tired, worn-out and limited in scope.

I eventually had to realize this is my life. I have to keep moving, trying to create joy, a sense of peace and righteousness otherwise I would feel like death with a deep emptiness inside of me. If you can do something to help others or show gratitude for them being kind to you when you're down, that's good. You can fill the emptiness by being a light to people who need you more than you need your self-pity.

The human race exists on a continuum between good and evil. You have to believe that the good side will win out and we will live in a better world. I created the idea of True Democracy because I believe we have to get rid of elected politicians to make decisions ourselves over the internet. I think politicians and the elitist shadow governments run our societies and squander the money that can be used to help people live better lives.

A great, noble spirit has to get over everything because in the end it's all you got, just your pact with God to honor the spirit He created you to be. You must keep moving with it with love for yourself and love for humanity. If you don't, you become a wreck of humanity and it's your fault for withering away, sitting around wasting your life, eating junk, watching useless stuff on TV among the other meaningless pursuits which is how most lost souls end up living empty lives.

There has to be something you do out of love for life. It doesn't matter what it is. You must release your natural energy with a sense that you're honoring your Creator in a way that you are making Him proud of you through what you do day after day.

If you don't live like this, your life is really nowhere regardless of what illusions and delusions you live under like all them frivolous hotshots I see around, thinking they're trendy and cool. It doesn't matter. Your only accountability is to your soul, the divine spirit your God endowed you with.

Live by it and you're fine. Don't live by it, your life is a mess.

I know a guy who won several million dollars in a lottery. His life is nowhere. He sleeps half the day, he's about 25 pounds overweight, he drinks a lot of alcohol and he has no drive except to go fishing. I don't say anything about what I think. I know him because we've been superficial friends since we were kids. He never entertains a thought of doing something with passion or intensity. That's why he's a lost soul. His money will never give him a strong, solid, inner feeling.

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