Author John Cully is Irish, and you can practically hear it as you read this fascinating book in which he divulges how he lost 30 lbs in six weeks just by following a simple system he devised that made it easy for him. He introduces you to simple exercises, thought processes, and changes needed to lose weight, and does it in his signature tongue-in-cheek and tough-love tone, making it easy to feel motivated to institute the steps in his plan immediately.

"I tried this stuff on myself and, right enough, it delivered results. Without fuss, effort, dramatics, deprivation, agonizing or other irritations, nor any grim-faced roaming around stamping on kittens, over a period of around seven/eight weeks, I went from 233 pounds to 203, which seems a satisfactory enough outcome, all things considered. I am a normal five feet ten tall, not ten feet five, so the weight loss is significant." – Excerpt from the book, Chapter 1, Obese No More, by John Cully

The Obese No More Philosophy:

It is observable that the mere act of divesting oneself of significant weight is, for an obesity case a fairly straightforward procedure and not an onerous one either. This book indeed presents just such a procedure.

It has been very successful when applied by the author in his own case and accordingly may be confidently expected to do likewise for anyone honestly following it. Since it is also observable that huge numbers of people affected by this great plague of obesity in recent decades seem to have enormous difficulty in dealing with the problem other than ineffectually, one may infer that there may be other factors at play here.

Thus it seems appropriate to provide an overview of some aspects of the social and cultural order today, that some of these factors may be brought to the readers attention; that consequently this added understanding and the sense of empowerment thus entrained will engender a much more positive approach, and that the reader may be stimulated and motivated to a pitch sufficiently acute as to result in effortless success in regaining the good health which is their birthright.

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