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Taken: The First Knot

64 pages51 minutes


Ryan Hobbs couldn’t take any more. With four weeks left before his high school graduation, Ryan’s ultra-religious father grounds him for coming home five hours past curfew. The dumb baseball jock vows not to miss out on the rite-of-passage festivities and decides that it’s time to assert his dominance.

As revenge on his dad and crazy stepmother, Ryan hatches a runaway hoax to mess with their minds and show them that he is his own man. Unfortunately for the teen, his fake plot leads him to an unexpected and fearful destination.

When Ryan gets stranded on the side of the California highway, the jock turns to a friendly trucker, Jeb. Seemingly a southern rube, Jeb is actually a sadistic and cunning dominant as well as a sociopath. With insidious intent, Jeb hijacks Ryan and forever changes the course of the teen’s life. This dark fantasy contains: dominance, submission, abduction, discipline, sports gear and other elements of fantasy. Novella is approximately 14,500 words.

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