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Whether you're traveling forward in time, back in time, or even if you've forgotten the time, you'll enjoy reading these time-themed stories from the Eclective.

An Arbor Day Carol by M Edward McNally: On the night before the holiday, Kevin Weeser is visited by three spirits...wow, that sounds really familiar for some reason.

The Paradox by Alan Nayes: Michael Jenks travels to his future and becomes rich.

Rachel by CD Reiss: Rachel is number 5.5 in the Songs of Submission romance series, spanning two time periods in the life of Jonathan Drazen.

A Stitch In Time by Shéa MacLeod: After pissing off Thor (god of thunder/major jerk), Branwen (goddess of love and beauty/cupcake addict) finds herself thrust back in time to Regency era England. History will never be the same.

The Walking Tree by Tara West: Trees were not meant to have dreams, and if they did, they were not supposed to voice them. When Manuel hears of the land of limitless light, his dreams may be his undoing.

The Bus Stop by G.R. Yeates: Through a dark city, a man travels seeking to understand the meaning of the life that he endures in a place where even hope itself seems to have been utterly extinguished.

Timestone by Greg James: In a time after the time that we know, a wanderer crosses the wasteland that remains of human civilisation. One thing can set him free from this nightmare of the future – the Timestone.

Last Leap by Heather Marie Adkins: With access to her past, can Mila change her future?

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ISBN: 9781311451910
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