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A Proper Taming

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A Lady in Need

Orphaned and penniless, Portia Haverall is a comely young miss with few options. And an embarrassing encounter with oversized Lord Connor Dewhurst, Earl of Doncaster, further narrows her choices … to one. Forced by mishap and circumstance to accept a position as companion to the hulking earl’s invalid mother, Portia moves into Connor’s palatial estate – and becomes embroiled in a schme to help the clumsy lord find a suitable bride.

A Lord Indeed

A handsome giant who neither looks nor acts noble, Connor has for far too long ignored the fine art of courting – and implores Portia to school him in the social graces. But never does the reluctant tutor dream she will transform her pupil into the prize of the ton – or that she herself will ultimately fall amorous prey to his irresistible charms.

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