King's River, Nevada, has a past worth forgetting. From Indian massacres in the 1800s to racial turmoil in the 1990s, the town has struggled to escape its traditional trials. Some, like the Austin Jacobs family, have moved on with their lives and tried to put their rocky past behind them. But the past won't let go.

There is an uneasiness in the air, a hint of ancient evil in the aspens above the river valley. A businessman is plotting to illegally turn millions in profit through a scam which would again abuse the land the Paiute Indians have long claimed as home. A violent faction of the Paiutes that still follow the Ghost Dance religion are stirring up more trouble than the town can handle. A pack of wolves are attacking those foolish enough to move through the mountains alone, wolves apparently driven to sudden attacks through the decline of both their habitat and their natural prey. And there's the legend of Skinwalker, a Native American myth about a creature that can both change shape and influence men's minds. A Paiute shaman says the creature moves within the night, seeking to destroy all of King's River.

And, in the middle of it all, one teenager, Elijah Jacobs, is forced into a desperate battle to save those he loves. Clinging to a faith that's scorned by his own people, Elijah struggles to repair a dying relationship with his father, heal the old wounds of King's River, and discover the secret of the Skinwalker before it's too late.
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