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As a newcomer to Vancouver in Canada, I found that language is one of the most difficult barriers for me in overcoming and understanding the city to even this vast country at large. So I decided to grab a camera and started out from the area of UBC where I live, roaming around the city to explore and discover the wonders of this beautiful city – one which is so different from where I came from in terms of its city layout as well as its social and cultural norms. I am intrigued by the “magical” effect of photography that it always rewards you with surprises and wonders because the pictures captured through the lens are bound to be somewhat different from what you look through your eyes, thus giving you a whole new dimension of the object or the feel of the scenery. Visual images allow me to think deeper about the things I encountered, arousing my curiosity to imagine and wonder. I want to share my works through this book with all of those who believe that visual meaning is a means of communication which is as effective as, if not more than, verbal or linguistic media in getting ideas and thoughts across people from all walks of life. As a debut in my photographic journey, I hope it will trigger my desire to pursue my passion for photography.
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