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Highlander's Burden

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His duty to his family brought them together, but can he soothe her fears in time to save them both?

Siobhán Maclachlan knew the traditions. She knew that her handsome husband and his equally-handsome cousin--both proud and strong lairds of their estates around Lachlan Bay--went to battle together for a specific purpose. But Colin was unbeatable, and she knew he’d always come back to her.

John Maclachlan had always admired his cousin’s choice of a wife; Siobhán was beautiful, smart, and loyal. When he is forced to take the body of her husband to her door, he hates seeing the stark fear and pain that settles inside her. So he stays, to help her pull herself together and protect her in the process.

It’s a dangerous time in the Highlands, and safety is hard to come by. Siobhan feels afraid and broken—unless John is around, that is. His rugged masculinity is something she can’t help but notice, in a way she never did with her husband.

Grief and guilt can only keep them apart for so long until all of Siobhan’s carefully erected ideas of safety and security are blown to pieces in one night. Now, she must decide if she can forgive herself in time to let him in before it’s too late for them both.

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