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Bountiful Nanny

35 pages27 minutes


Sarah is a beautiful young woman who made a few poor decisions. Fortunately, one of those mistakes helps her get a job as a wet nurse and nanny to a billionaire couple. Another bad decision jeopardizes that dream job on her first night. What will Sarah do to keep her job?

Warning: This is a multi-partner erotica, complete with milking and suckling, not to mention lots of warm, sweet squirting milk. It is intended for ADULTS ONLY.

* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *

About the Author:
Ana Thalia is a hard working IT Professional by day, but at night she lets her hair down and writes to relax and entertain. She loves to write Fantasy, of the epic type, but sometimes she has other, naughtier little fantasies that need to be told.

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