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The Froggy-Balled Prince (Fairy Tale Erotica)

32 pages25 minutes


One fine evening you sit down in your favorite, cozy chair and realize that the classics got it all wrong. There's another version of The Frog-Prince--your favorite fairy tale of all time--and it's far too graphic for tender eyes or the faint of heart. And breaking the spell is far more difficult this time. Can an enchanted prince convince a princess to have raucous sex with him or will he remain a three-testicle frog forever? Well, it just so happens that one such slut is up to the task! If only the prince weren't such a bastard...

Approximately 6,500 words.


Just to make it abundantly clear, this book contains graphic sexual descriptions involving a princess and enchanted prince. It is intended for adults 18 and over, and is not suitable for children.

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