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The Knowledge: Successful Sex and Seduction

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Following his divorce, Dennis Avery suffers a breakdown and finds himself on a downward spiral of despair. He is targeted by two strangers he meets in a bar, and his life takes a dramatic turn. Recruited, he finds himself plunged into an exotic world of pick-up artists, internet dating, seduction, short-term relationships and casual sex.

Using controversial techniques, Dennis sets out to regain his confidence and to improve his skills with women, but at what cost? Can his life really be changed so easily? Who are his new mentors? What are they really after?

Frequently outrageous, sometimes funny and often naughty - based loosely on a true story - The Knowledge will take you on an incredible and unexpected journey.

Adults only 18+

Author's Note:
To truly connect with a woman on an emotional, intellectual and physical level is one of the most incredible things that a man can experience.
I learnt how to do it.
I mastered The Knowledge.
Here is my story.

Dennis K. Avery.

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