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Forbidden Fruit Collection (Taboo Erotica Anthology Trilogy Bundle)

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*Three erotica short story anthologies (14 stories!) bundled together make for a hot summer steal! ~ Happy Reading!*

Everyone gives in to temptation now and then. Give yourself a taste of the taboo with this collection of off-limits fun. This 14-story boxed set erotica bundle includes some explicit stories about couples getting frisky in very public places and others about men and women being unfaithful to their spouses.
***Warning! This 20,000+ word short story anthology compilation bundle contains scenes describing of public naughtiness, references to bisexual relationships, domination and submissive behavior, references to multiple partners, public nudity, exhibitionism, public sex, adultery, infidelity, cheating, interracial relationships, extramarital affairs, domination, submission, drug references, and explicit language.

Outdoors and on Display (Public Sex Exhibitionism Erotica)
Five tales of public rendezvous bundled into an anthology that is every aspiring exhibitionist’s dream. Your pulse will race with the thrill of running the risk of being seen or getting caught. A collection of short stories about public sex so naughty they’re sure to have you thinking about trying it yourself!

Stories include: Unreserved Conservatory, Reunited, The Woods, Lipstick, A Free Ride

Cheaters Sometimes Win (Adultery Cheating Infidelity Anthology)
What they don’t know can’t hurt ‘em, right?
This naughty, infidelity anthology includes tales of cheaters with a moral compass of their own definition. Malice only drives some; for others, the need to have an affair goes much deeper. Those who understand the complexity often underlying extramarital rendezvous, these stories are for you.
Stories include: Just Tonight, A Means of Atonement, A Little Buzz, The First Move, Out of Line

Public Exploitation (Public Sex & Exhibitionism Erotica)
The thrill of being seen or caught getting naughty in public places, that heart racing rush of adrenaline, just makes having fun outdoors so much more intense. These five tales of shameless, nubile exhibitionists will put you in the mood for a naughty public adventure.
Stories include: Seaside Show-offs, Bad Behavior at the Bar, No Free Rides, Carnival Capers

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