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Borrowing Megan's Body The Trilogy

54 pages54 minutes


Warning; This 15,000 -word collection is intended for mature audiences only. It features graphic descriptions of sexual situations. At last! All of the Borrowing Megan’s Body Series in a single bundle! Will is a middle aged manager with secret desire—to have a woman’s body! When he meets Megan, the new intern he realizes his company’s top-secret brain swapping technology might prove useful after all...

Excerpt: “Megan felt something strange, something she had never felt before...Curious, she didn’t delete the photo, but scrolled over to the next one. In this one the bra was off. Megan, to her own revulsion, found herself staring at her body with lust! Some latent part of Will’s brain was turning Megan on—by herself!”

This collection contains:
Borrowing Megan’s Body Part 1
Borrowing Megan’s Body Part 2
Borrowing Megan’s Body Part 3

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