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Lady Dorn

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* * * This work is a steampunk NOVELLA, approximately 10,000 words and 35 pages * * *

Lady Dorn wasn't always a lady, nor was she always a vampire. A former member of the Imperial Guard

she finds herself ennobled after saving the life of the emperor. Everything has its price. A lesson learned

only too well by Dorn. Her price had been the life of her love. After his death she retired and withdrew

from her world into her airship home, another gift from her emperor. Yet once again she is called upon.

The person responsible for the attacks on the vampire population has resurfaced, and Lady Dorn may be

the only one who can stop them. Will her luck come to an end at the hands of her most treacherous ally

or will she find an even greater price to pay just to stay alive?

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