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New York: Community, Spaces and Performance

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In the Social Age, we exist in many communities, both online and real. The ways we come together, the importance of the spaces we create and inhabit, the ways we co-exist, all of this fascinates me.

I spent a week in New York, exploring different spaces and meeting people from various communities: artists, leaders, curators, performers, learners, gardeners, musicians. Each has a story to share; stories of spaces and places, connections and performance.
In this essay I'm reflecting on my adventure, looking at three aspects of the city: 'Spaces', 'Community' and 'Performance'.
It's a journey through architecture, history, hockey and skyscrapers, but most of all it's a story about communities and people.

There's no moral, no purpose to it, except to share my narrative of discovery and sense making, and hopefully, to share something of the energy and dynamism of this great city.

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