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High On Life

High On Life

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High On Life

95 pages
28 minutes
Jul 7, 2014


An original collection of sixty poems describing depression, faith and passion, written from a youthful point of view. Rhyme, rhythm and length vary with each piece, as will tone and topic. "High On Life," the poem for which the collection is named, describes the author's immediate feelings after quitting his first job. "At First Sight" molds the feeling of love into the form of a fleeing doe. "False Prophets Need Love Too" takes an empathetic, yet distanced, look at fanatical religious leaders. These are some of the author's favorite poems, and he hopes you will enjoy them as much as he enjoyed writing them.

Jul 7, 2014

About the author

Just a guy writing for free.

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Book Preview

High On Life - Thaddeus Simpson



Without my Mom and Dad, I wouldn't be.

Without Mr. Lingenfelter, I wouldn't be writing.

Without Professor Brummels, I wouldn't be writing poetry.


Let's give a round of applause

for the kids who turned out alright.

They took their time doing homework

and never started any fights.

Good on you kids, it was the right choice

would you ever want it any other way?

Let's say you had the chance to go back

what would you change?

Would you keep on getting bullied?

Could you work the hardest yet again?

Would you still be the slowest in gym class?

Maybe even sit by the girl with no friends?

Whatever the case, give them a hand, folks.

All these kids deserve your applause.

This is why I love graduations

and their endless praise without cause.

The thunderous clapping drowning out our regrets,

everybody smiles and just forgets,

the things we did to hate each other,

tricks played like violins behind a choir.

So congrats go to the class of 2013

for being the best, the brightest, and damn mean.

Because I'm Terrible

Why do I prefer the third floor water fountain?

Is it the steady stream of cool water,

or that the people of the second floor

are dirty disease-ridden mongrels?

Neither actually,

it's just that the second floor fountain

is closer to the ground floor sidewalk,

and THAT'S where the really nasty folks are.

Bad Construction Man

I don't live in the houses

I build,

but if I did, I'd be an


I didn't set out to do a

shit job,

but building building's ain't


I do it for the money not

the thrills.

So as some advice from

a friend,

don't buy a house in

cherry hills

or on the lower

east end.

A Final Audience

Find the keys.

Find your wallet.

Find your phone.

Get in the car.

Drive up Pacific.

Make a U-turn at the top.

Floor the Gas.

Pass the first light.

Squeeze the wheel.

The steering feels light,

grass blends in your periphery,

maybe one-twenty isn't fast enough.

But then you remember...

Your family,

who love you.

Your future,

which needs you.

Your children,

watching your every move earnestly from limbo.

And you slow down.

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