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The Golden Knight #3 Rainna Falls

92 pages49 minutes


Justin the farm boy has fulfilled the ancient prophecy and become the Golden Knight. Now, he faces his first test. All hope seems lost as the Golden Knight, Marsonee the archangel and Franco the thief struggle against the odds to defeat the dark forces of Flar. Princess Rainna Devon lies lifeless in the clutches of the evil sorcerer, Murlox. Flar and his army of fire soldiers have besieged the ancient city of Rone. A demon terrorizes the townspeople. The Book of Wisdom has disappeared.

Can Justin master the powers of the Golden Knight in time to save his friends? Has the Keeper been destroyed? Who will be the new knights of the Holy Order?

The epic conclusion unfolds as our heroes face the dark forces of Flar the fire lord in the ultimate battle between good and evil!

The Golden Knight #3 is beautifully decorated with over 20 illustrations. Join the adventure today!

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