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Easy Money

238 pages3 hours


A Crime Thriller Set in Cornwall.

Sometimes ordinary people do evil things!

Kate Eden and her younger brother, Phil, run a guest house in a remote, coastal area of Cornwall. With Christmas approaching, and the season almost over, they go potholing with an old family friend. After finding a badly decomposed corpse and a case full of money, they decide to keep the case of cash. Planning to keep quiet about the life-changing amount, they find that their lives are slowly falling apart. And even worse, the people who know about the case are starting to home in on their quarry which culminates in a violent confrontation at a deserted tin-mine. For a quiet and lonely guest house owner, Kate is about to become every bit as vicious as the killers who are hunting them.

A dark thriller, set in Cornwall, 'Easy Money' is a story of how normally law-abiding people can turn to crime - and with brutal

This book also contains a bonus novelette: Sudden Death.

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