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Get That Job on Wall Street: The Skills You Need To Land a Job on Wall Street

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This is a book that will show you the skills that Wall Street firms look for when they hire people. In this book I will show you 8 must have skills you need to get a job on Wall Street. Having a college degree is not enough, you need to have specialized skills. If you can master any one of these 8 skills your chance for getting that job are much higher. Having worked on Wall Street for over 15 years and having been part of many interviews I can tell you first hand which skills are in demand. Oddly enough Wall Street is not always forthcoming about telling you the skills that they are looking for, but in this book I will reveal what they are actually looking for. In addition, in this book I will show other ways you can break into the finance field. There are many other jobs in finance that are not advertised or apparent to the recent college student, but in the book I will reveal jobs and industries that you can work in that will eventually land you a job on the Wall Street trading desk. I will explain to you the difference in working with stocks or bonds and what they an mean for your career. Finally I will show you some of the many ways that Wall Street is changing and how you can take advantage of those changes.

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