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Light Hidden By Darkness

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When the face that stares back at Seamus Winshell from the morning mirror is not a face he recognizes, Seamus knows something is wrong. Very wrong!
In exploring his surroundings, Seamus finds his apartment, alien and strange, while the city outside is new and unknown. Hoping to find answers or someone to help him, Seamus ventures out into this new world, a world of which he has no knowledge, recollection, or even a single point of reference. Who is Seamus Winshell and how did he end up in this strange place? Who is Raphael and is he here to help or torment Seamus?
With the help of a diverse range of characters, including a potentially dangerous doorman and an ex-prostitute named Gloria, Seamus pieces together the full magnitude of his predicament. He eventually realizes he is in this place to atone for his transgressions during his previous life. Can Seamus Winshell find his family and right the tremendous wrongs they suffered at his hands? Will he be prepared to pay what may be the ultimate price?
Light Hidden by Darkness is John Bradford Branney’s fourth novel. In 2011, Branney finished his career in the oil and gas industry where he held several senior and executive management positions. He holds a B.S. degree in geology from the University of Wyoming and a MBA from the University of Colorado.

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