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Web Of Destinies

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Web of Destinies, a time travel mystery like no other.

Guillaume Chambon, a French doctor has inherited a mysterious typewriter that can change the past. He doesn't have to travel in time, the past comes to him through a vision of anterior events that he describes using the typewriter. When he sees those events leading to a tragic end, he types a different continuation. Reality is thus modified, but there are consequences that he didn't foresee.
To use the typewriter to stop his sister from losing her life twenty years ago, he is going to have to remove the safeguards put by the inventor, a friend of Jules Verne who found crystals with extraordinary properties. As Guillaume tries to unravel the mysteries of the typewriter, assisted by his friend Sylvie who has secrets of her own, he is confronted with a secret agent who wants to use it to make a major change to history, and a Buddhist monk who is trying to stop him because if he succeeds, the fabric of the universe is in danger of collapsing.

Web of destinies is also a story about accepting yourself and being accepted as you are.
Guillaume’s flatmate and best friend Sylvie is gay. She grew up like Guillaume in Gevrey-Saint-André, a little village in Burgundy, but it isn’t home for her. Home is where you feel loved as you are, and she knows she will be rejected if she comes out to her conservative family. Home is the Marais district (the gay district of Paris) where she lives with Guillaume. But being a lesbian isn’t the only part of her identity that she keeps hidden, there is something about who she is that she keeps secret, even from her best friend. As Guillaume and Sylvie find themselves tangled in the web of destinies, she knows that if Guillaume had to make a choice, he would save his sister’s life, but that’s only if the typewriter will let him.

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