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Big Ban Theory: Elementary Essence Applied to Potassium, Invasion of Normandy, and Sunflower Diaries 16th, Volume 19

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Volume 18 is a continuation of Volume 17. It covers news articles for 7/6 of 2014. It is a republication of "Sunflower Diaries," Volume 19. It talks about the feud between Roger Ebert and Rob Schneider. It does a mathematical examination of the Invasion of Normandy in World War II. There is also a section about "WALL-E" vs. the Costa Concordia that is being refloated that sank on 1/13 of 2012. Potassium 1 is regarding "WALL-E" and mention of the Costa Concordia in the news 2 years after it sank. Potassium 2 is regarding the Invasion of Normandy and the birth dates of the leaders. Potassium 3 is regarding Elsa on "Frozen." Potassium 4 is regarding Roger Ebert and Rob Schneider regarding "Deuce Bigalow 2: European Gigolo." Chapter 1 is about cyber attacks. Chapter 2 is about the meteorite that hit Russia. Chapter 3 is about Lois Lane played by Erica Durance. Chapter 4 is about the Costa Concordia. Chapter 5 is regarding the Axiom Cruise Ship. Chapter 6 is regarding Clark Kent vs. Eugene Roshal. Chapter 7 is about the dying Planet of Krypton. Chapter 8 is regarding Braniac. Chapter 9 is about Kevin Smith vs. the Chronicles of Sarnia. Chapter 10 is about the Sunlight Zone in "California Girls" by David Lee Roth. Potassium 4 is a wrap-up of the volume.

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