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Gaylord's Badge

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Nothing in Sheriff Frank Gaylord’s background had ever prepared him for this. Pushing forty years of age, but still strong and fast with a gun, Gaylord truly believed he’d done a good job in Colter County.
But there was talk behind his back. Talk about how he was secretly on the payroll of the Chain Ranch. Talk about how he favored the large cattle barons over the small ranchers. And now, as his re-election approached, more than Gaylord’s job was on the line. His honor and the lives of his best friends were in jeopardy as well.
Sheriff Gaylord had always been an honest lawman, but when wealth, power and a beautiful woman are dangled in front of him, it looks like Gaylord’s badge is about to be bought. And suddenly, Frank Gaylord must meet his most dangerous enemy yet – himself.
Best-selling author John Benteen writing as Richard Meade.

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