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Ripples from the Blaze

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Memoir: An incredible journey of a Power Broker; love, romance, hate, triumph, failures, enlightenment.
On the journey, no man knows whether love or hate awaits him. To foresee the end we must examine the beginning. The beginning and the end are one. The turning point in man's life will come when he realized, the things that torment his mind and hinder his progress must be eliminated, envy, fear, guilt, and hostility; when those things are eliminated from our heart, we become free and impervious to what others may think of us; we learn to rely on our own thoughts and mind, God, the God of our own heart, as we survive the Ripples From The Blaze, and our Troubled Water returned to a state of calm. The Ripple effects from the Blaze, suffering, will come to an end when man reached a State of knowing who and what he is. To escape his tremendous suffering, he must first know himself.

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