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Loving Mr. Creep

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As a child, Julie’s face was horrifically scarred in an accident but she fought through the teasing and humiliation receiving her Master’s Degree. Then her dream job is ripped from her grasp when Williams Advertising is swallowed up by Taylor Industries and she is laid off. Unable to find another position because of her appearance she is forced to work for her brother, Tommy, cleaning swimming pools.
When her brother assigns Taylor Industries to her as a client, she begs him to spare her the humiliation of cleaning Mr. Creep’s pools. On her very first visit her heart is broken when his twin daughters begin calling her Mama because she knows she will never be anyone’s Mama.
Then when Julie is injured trying to save his twins from being kidnapped, Jarod vows to make her life better. He tries his best to protect her even though she doesn’t want to be protected, especially by Mr. Creep. Will Jarod and Julie be able to get past their individual pain to find each other?

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