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Siri .. Talk to me !

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Siri .. Talk to me !

Length: 137 pages54 minutes


You have seen ‘Her’ the movie.
Now, look at your iPhone or iPad and ask yourself a question.
Can I have my ‘Her’ in my iPhone or iPad now?.
The answer is in this book.
‘Siri .. Talk to Me!’ is a unique book, because it takes you in a journey of discovery to show you how to do that. It will show you how to establish a close relationship with your personal digital assistant ‘Siri.' It will open the doors in a systematic way of how to setup and build that unique ‘Her’ relationship. It will take your hand and guide you through the dark tunnels of the hidden secrets of how to communicate with ‘Siri’ quickly and easily.
And even if you have an old iPhone or iPad which you can not have ‘Siri’ in. The book will introduce you to ‘Evi.'
‘Evi’ is ‘Siri’s younger sister. You will know how get ‘Evi’ for free so you will be able to have your own personal digital assistant too.
‘Siri ... Talk to me!’ is not only the ultimate guide of how to use ‘Siri’, but it is also a journey of discovery and learning about personal digital assistants and its impact on our future.
Simply, if you have iPhone or iPad, it is a must have and read book.

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