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Force Field

359 pages5 hours


A stranger left on a high desert road...
An institute where research takes a wrong turn...
A doctor who senses everything she trusts is slipping away...

Dr. Kate Morgan gives a ride to a stranger on the side of the road, Wyn Roberts, unaware he has been waiting for her, assigned to alter her perceptions, if she will let him, from the reaches of another galaxy.

Migraines and hallucinations rapidly incapacitate Wyn as he adjusts to Earth’s force field. Within days he becomes a patient at her institute. In the days and weeks that follow Kate gradually realizes he is the object of secret experiments by the institute’s director, who sees Wyn’s symptoms as evidence of a brand new form of mental illness.

Kate must come to terms with what she discovers about him and whether she has the courage to challenge evil and allow healing.

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