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History of China: The Secrets Of The Forbidden City

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Have you heard of the Forbidden City?

Millions of tourists visit it every year in Beijing, China. It is known as the biggest palace on Earth. However, it also holds some of the darkest secrets that are kept in secret for nearly 600 years - not until today.

In this book, you are going to learn the beginning of the Ming Dynasty and how it was the foundation for over 20 emperors across the centuries - up until 1911.

It is an interesting story of how an emperor of China builds the Forbidden City and some astonishing secrets of its creation - based on the main chronicles at Cambridge University.

You'll dive into an unknown world, filled with treachery, blood baths, and luxury.

You'll see how the emperor of China lived his life at that time, and what obstacles he went through in building The Forbidden City.

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