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A Moose In A Tutu

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The first book in the MOOSE ON THE LOOSE series.

Tom Durand has written an excellent children's book about a young female moose who at first gets discouraged trying to discover her inner talents, but later asks for help from her parents and God (in prayer), and through God and her parent's guidance she learns how to be a success in life! She also remembers to give thanks to God for giving these gifts to her (we must always remember to give thanks to God, He likes to be appreciated and not forgotten). Based on true stories of moose caught watching TV in Alaska. The cover image is based on a true story when the sun appeared in a circle around Tom & Connie while eating lunch in the car during a snowstorm.

Some of the proceeds from this book are being used to help the Archdiocese of Anchorage in helping the homeless youth who are coming in droves to Alaska.

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