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The Ancient DNA

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“And all knowledge, when separated from justice and virtue, is seen to be cunning and not wisdom”

“Dorian Pericles, a very capable and inventive scientist in the field of Genetic Engineering, who held a dull and unsolicited position at the Biology and Genetics Research Foundation in Athens thought that he could lead a normal, boring life.

When he randomly discovered a very old handbook in the library of the Foundation, describing three experiments for the creation of new, fictitious organisms as a result of recombining DNA particles of two existing organisms, Pericles thought that maybe his colleagues wanted to have a lark with him.

When he finally managed to form Pegasus by recombining DNA parts of a horse and an eagle in utmost secrecy, and fly with him in the spring night sky above the Aegean, he thought he was having a dream.

And when he woke up –after Pegasus' wild and erratic flight– half-drown in deep seas, inside a huge dome full of light and air, looking at the gorgeous and vivacious Atlantis, he thought he was dead...”

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