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The Avenger

320 pages5 hours


Widowed R.N. Martha Chance’s futile attempts to rid the world of sexual predators takes her into the realm of terrifying, sadistic criminals, where she uncovers corrupt but powerful city officials who condone sexual crimes against defenseless children and don’t appreciate Martha’s interference. On behalf of the tiny dark-eyed and dreadfully abused little girl in the hospital where Martha works, the desperately lonely teenage girls who frequent online chat rooms and are prime targets for unscrupulous men, and the friend and fellow R.N. suffering horrific domestic abuse, Martha and her alternate personality Serena seek not only to avenge the abuse but to make sure it will not be repeated. Unfortunately, her thirst for vengeance makes Martha a target of men who will do anything to keep their evil deeds a secret—and unleashes upon her a man who plots her death to satisfy his own fiendish soul.

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