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Blood Brain Barrier: A Medical Thriller

326 pages5 hours


Hard working second year pediatric resident Dr. Eric Egan was just trying to get through one of his overnight emergency room shifts, when he was called to see a young baby with early signs of bacterial meningitis. Despite his frantic efforts the baby worsened and ended up in brain dead in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Stunned by the atypical rapidity of the baby’s demise and saddened by his first loss of a patient, he turned to the grief-stricken parents to give and receive comfort and learned that this baby, their only child, had been born after the culmination of years of trying and thousands of dollars spent on in vitro fertilization. He investigated and found two other cases of in vitro babies that suffered a similar fate, he began to question the safety of the new in vitro technique that has earned millions for it’s developer, Dr. Blake George. Egan teamed up with the brilliant and beautiful third year medical student, Gail Roscoe to further investigate and their actions drew increasing hostile attention from the powers at be at the renowned Malloy Medical Center. Egan and Roscoe put their careers and lives on the line as they raced against time, determined to get some answers.

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