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Sing to Me and I Will Hear You - A Love Story

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Sing to Me and I Will Hear You — A Love Story opens when a nun and priest, newly assigned to Waterville, Maine, meet in 1968. After they (both members of the peace group, CALCAV) fall in love, she leaves the convent.Elaine and Father Francis’ relationship goes “underground” for two years. When the Vatican closes the door to fiercely debated optional celibacy, his “exodus” ensues, and the wedding date is set.Elaine and Francis’ married life is many-faceted and spiritually rich, engaging them in peacemaking, permaculture, and the founding of Portland Yoga Studio. Francis’ cancer diagnosis in 2009 leaves the couple only one hundred more days together. Deeply moved by the way Francis approaches his death, she celebrates his extraordinary patience, courage, and grace in dealing with pain and in facing the unknown. With the attitude of his patron saint, Francis welcomes “Sister Death,” with love on his lips.

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