The rats of earth have undergone a mutation by way of an alien virus; now, with their unique mind-melding abilities, they may be humanity’s only hope. Working with Captain John Rushton and his crew—those who piloted an alien craft in order to protect the earth from the initial threat of the Xzebulien aliens—the rats seek to help humans gain control of and learn to use the alien ships stored in Roswell, New Mexico—in Area 51. When Rushton and his crew learn to tap into the vast information in the alien ships’ database, they discover the ultimate purpose and true nature of the Guardian ships—a purpose that ties in humanity’s past with its future and with the rats who now work with them. As the crew continues to study the alien data, the path to the survival of the human race soon becomes clear: in order to defeat the alien threat once and for all, humans must take the next step in their evolution as a species. In this second volume of The Rat Chronicles, humans and rats must work together to fight both the danger of the present and a far and distant future where a universal, widespread cataclysmic event awaits.
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