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Bed, Breakfast and Lies (Black Girls and Bad Boys)

168 pages2 hours


After a rough few years when she lost her husband and found out the business they built together was sliding into debt, things are finally looking up for Sandrine. But the investor who could save her livelihood just so happens to be the man she dumped thirteen years before.

Harlan comes back into her life looking for revenge, but then he finds out she has a twelve year-old daughter and starts to wonder if he might be the father.

The fact that they're still attracted to each other makes a bad situation worse. Will they be able to put the past behind them and make a new future?

This novel is roughly 40,000 words long and is not intended for readers under the age of eighteen.


The bond between them was still there, drawing him closer. It had kept him going through the misery of their break-up and beyond. It had kept him wondering about her and it had made him find a way back into her life.

He had to act on it.

Placing a hand on either side of her face, he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her. As soon as he touched her, he knew it was the real reason he’d sought her out again. They had unfinished business. This was the kiss that had haunted his dreams for so many years.

Her body responded to him and she melted in his embrace. It was as it should be. They’d always been so good together. Parting her lips with his tongue, he tasted her all over again, exploring the woman she’d become. He needed more of her. He needed her closeness, her warmth, her softness.

Not daring to let go of her, he kissed her over to the door and pushed her up against it. God, she felt good.

He moved his mouth to her throat, tearing low whimpers from her and making her writhe.

“Oh, Harlan,” she gasped. “Don’t stop.”

Never. He’d never wanted anyone more.

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