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Peace with the Alien Bugs (Invasion Planet Earth, #5)

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In the last novel, Josh and his combat team exterminated the last of the Alien bugs.  However, friendly alien bugs arrived and made peace with the humans. They settled in their old galaxy where they lived before; they had been run out by the hostile Alien bugs and forced to leave the galactic cluster. The new alien bugs were named June bugs by Josh’s children since they had brightly colored shells.  So that name stuck.  Queen Crow gives Josh his own personal starship which is extremely fast which enables him to get into all sorts of trouble.  He manages to add on some more wives to his large family.  These women were either smart or wealthy.  Some of them were from other galaxies and brought new technology and advanced starships with them.  This is Novel 5 of the series Invasion Planet Earth.  There are some explicit romance scenes so is only suitable for mature readers.

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