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Angel Green Eyes: Wild Night Dreaming 2

49 pages41 minutes


Billionaire programmer Jake Winters used to be a successful male escort until he fell for a client, and he can never go back. 

Five years after leaving the field, he finally finds Carla again. The beautiful, fiery young woman he spent a blissful week in Mykonos has passion that equals his fire. But she turns out to be the childhood friend of his new girlfriend.
As fierce as she is in bed, she is as loyal to people she cares about. Breaking up with her friend did not convince Carla that they can be together again. Or at least, as soon as possible. Like yesterday.
And yet, she still cannot resist his kisses. And he exploits her weakness as much as he could.


“What did she say about us?” he asked. No going around about it. “Did she tell you what she told me to do?”
“What did she tell you to do?” she asked instead, curious.
“That she’s giving me the go ahead and stop wasting her decision to step back and let me go.”
She did not look at him as she sipped her wine.
He took a deep breath and insisted. “She did.”
Again, she did not reply. But she felt her cheeks burn.
“What are we going to do about it?”
She laughed sarcastically and finally looked at him. “You’re asking me?”
“Well, yes, I’m asking you. I can’t do the Tango alone, you know.”
Again, she could not reply. She couldn’t.
He motioned for the bill and she stared at him. 
“What are you doing?”
“We’re leaving. We’re going back to your house.”
She gulped. “Why?”
His twin blues challenged hers. “You know why.”
“Christ... Jake...” she whispered as she felt her whole body tensing.

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