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Endeavors and Exploits of the Shrewd and Steadfast

121 pages1 hour


From what Hazel has read there's a world of adventure out there just waiting for unwilling heroes to stumble into it. But it seems that no matter how much she prepares she's always told that adventure is not for little girls. Now that she's growing up, she's beginning to wonder if it's there for anyone.
All that changes when she experimentally casts a spell that takes her into another world. She learns magic, real magic, even if it involves a lot of math. The adventure she desires isn't far behind, but will all of her years of preparation be enough when her dream becomes real?

This novel is a reversal of the trope of the passive hero. Hazel is active, propelling the plot through her decisions rather than being a child helplessly swept up by fate or circumstance. In this world all forms of power, even magic, require hard work and determination to acquire. The fantasy elements are bound by real world limitations to make the work feel more true.

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