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Her Desire (The Best Medicine #2)

92 pages1 hour


Still grappling with the unorthodox request her boss had made of her, Brynn is trying to keep herself together even as she has to work alongside him every day. Dr. Sam Hitchens has put her impossible position - one she doesn't even want to turn down - and somehow Brynn must not only get through the weeks leading up to their hospital's annual charity ball, but also be ready for anything and everything that might happen on the night itself.

Nothing she could have imagined - or hoped for - will prepare Brynn for the impact the bachelor auction will have on her life. Doing HIS BIDDING and winning a night with the sexy Chief of Staff could cost her so much...and is she willing to pay that price?

Welcome to HER DESIRE, the second book in "The Best Medicine" serial. Take a seat at the head table and watch the drama unfold at the Mercy Hospital Charity Ball, as nurse Brynn dresses to the nines and puts everything on the line at Sam's behest. Her deepest, hottest fantasies may very well come true on this magical night...but what happens when morning comes?

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