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Entangled Love

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Michael has watched Evelyn take on her father’s responsibilities since she was a young teenager. Keeping up appearances has taken its toll on her ability to let her father face the consequences of his actions.
Michael has yearned for a deeper relationship with Evelyn for years, and has finally worn her defenses down, only to have her rush to her father’s rescue once again.
Tired of waiting for her to acknowledge she has feelings for him, and unable to watch her marry someone else, he runs away for three years.

Evelyn realizes she has made a terrible mistake, but Michael has run away before she can apologize. Determined to make things right, she spends years building their dream company along with childhood friend Victor.

When Michael is thrown back into a working relationship with Evelyn and Victor, will they be able to ignore the hurt of the past and admit their feelings for each other? Or will they continue to hurt each other, destroying any chance of a happily ever after?


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