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Joseph Carl Spratt and the Great White Fleet

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Apprentice Seaman Joseph Carl Spratt had sent his family extensive correspondence during his years in the navy 1908-1911. Part of Joe’s enlistment included sailing from San Francisco, California, where the U.S.N. Great White Fleet realigned before continuing on Teddy Roosevelt’s vision of political “goodwill” visits to major ports worldwide. Joe’s battleship was the USS Kearsage. Later, Joe spent time on the USS Tonopah until being assigned to the new battleship USS North Dakota for a final cruise to Europe and Cuba before his discharge.

Joseph Carl Spratt is author Donelda S. Huffman’s father. The postcards and letters that co-author Parker Johnson researched are now with Joseph Carlton Spratt, Huffman’s brother. Major input from sister Joyce Spratt Bowlin’s research into genealogy over many years has been the inspiration to further correlate Parker Johnson’s long term studious efforts to share with the extended families of Joseph Carl Spratt.

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