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Bob Moats - Triple Threat

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Bob Moats - Triple Threat

Length: 564 pages8 hours


This Introduction Box Set contains the first book of each of the three series of books written by Bob Moats. Classmate Murders, Doyle’s Law, and Fatal Rejection.

Classmate Murders:
New edits of this book as of August, 2013.
Someone is murdering women from the class of '67 and it's up to Jim Richards, who has reluctantly just turned sixty, to stop him. Jim's life is in the dumps and then late one might he receives an email from a childhood sweetheart he hasn't seen in over 40 years, pleading for help but he doesn't get to her in time, she's been murdered. A killer is now stalking and killing his former female classmates for unknown reasons and Jim, along with his only friend Buck, a big, mustachioed biker, go off to track down the killer before he can get to one former classmate, Penny Wickens, a TV talk show host who Jim has just fallen for while protecting her. The killer is also murdering the women right out from under police protection, driving homicide detective Will Trapper crazy, and he slowly depends on Jim to help. There's humor, suspense, wild chases across suburban Detroit with cops, classic cars and motorcycle clubs; murder, mayhem, and a good amount of romance.

Doyle’s Law:
Doyle is a homicide detective. He’s a good detective, but he has a problem, he’s getting fed up with crime. A hostage situation comes up involving the Mayor of Detroit and a mugger, who Doyle put in the hospital. The hostage exchange goes slightly wrong, but it was enough to make Doyle quit the PD. He goes out on his own to become a private eye and along with another ex-detective, Oscar Drew, they start their business. Their first client is a woman looking for her missing father. But is there more to the story involving bookies, murder, a missing lottery ticket and a hot looking waitress. Doyle and his partner have their hands full trying to sort everything out.
Detroit will never be the same when Doyle hits the streets. A new novel by Bob Moats, the author of the Jim Richards Murder Novels.

Fatal Rejection:
From the East coast to the West coast the NY Slasher carved his murderous spree on thirty women, and then just disappeared. Derek Harcourt wrote about the Slasher’s crimes in his first book. Now writing a second book, Harcourt has ulterior motives for this novel and is following the Slasher’s journey all the way from New York to Washington State. Sarah Keller is Harcourt’s editor and the unsuspecting victim of horrible crimes in her past and maybe her future. Will there be more murders when Harcourt and Keller finally meet?
Could an author hate an editor so much that he would want to murder her? A new thriller about stalking a victim across the country and a serial killer bent on making his last murder his ultimate goal, the person he hates the most.

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