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The Last of the Cowboys - IV (Gay Cowboys Erotic Romance)

23 pages18 minutes


A New Gay Cowboy Erotic Romance Series That'll Set You On Fire! - Part IV

After Rex and Clay’s tryst at the back of the pick-up, they both try to ignore it and pretend nothing ever happened.
But things have changed, no matter how much they try and make it seem like it hasn’t.
On a Friday evening, things start to boil over, and when Rex gets into a car accident, Clay has to make a difficult decision.

Estimated Word Count: 4800


The bartender slammed a mug down on the table and Rex gulped his beer down without hesitating. It was starting to look like it’d take at least a couple of drinks before the bar would become bearable. “You want another one?” the bartender drawled from behind the counter.

“Just keep em’ coming.” Rex said.

A beer quickly became two quickly became three. After about an hour, Rex had kicked back seven drinks, with another one on the way. He was starting to feel a little bloated but he wasn’t feeling nearly tipsy enough to head back yet. Not nearly enough. Fuck, he had no idea how he was going to drive home though. He looked around the bar again, scanning the sad scene before him. Nothing had changed since he’d come inside. The same drunken couple was still making out in the corner and the same few sad sacks were still milling about the pub. Or maybe they were different sad sacks now. After seven beers, it was getting a little hard to tell.

Then, Rex couldn’t help thinking about Chuck. About how Chuck left him. About how Chuck had cheated on him. He’d given his all to Chuck only to have him callously stomp over his heart. His life hadn’t been the same ever since. The day after Chuck left him, Rex made a vow that he’d never let himself be put in that position ever again.

He gulped down beer number eight. It was time to go home.

After footing the tab, Rex stumbled outside, walking unevenly across the street towards where he thought his pick-up was. He wasn’t even sure if he was walking in the right direction. If the streets had been fairly empty when he arrived, it was like a ghost town now. The sounds of merry-making from the bars and pubs were even more muffled now, and the dim yellow light reflecting from the lampposts only seemed to enhance the isolation of the lonely streets.

Rex walked on, the neon lights of the surrounding bars causing him to squint as he looked upon the signage. The Hidden Cowboy. The Last Emperor. Three Wise Monkeys. The names sounded familiar. He vaguely remembered that Clay had mentioned the names of the places about town that he frequented. Vaguely. Not that it mattered.

Still, his heart skipped a beat at the thought of Clay still being in one of those bars.

Then, he heard laughter. Clay’s laughter. Resonating shrilly into the evening sky. Rex looked up ahead and he could make out the silhouettes of a small group walking from further up the street. They were talking furiously, laughing and making merry. Clay’s voice echoed through the quiet street and the laughter escalated. He must’ve made a joke of some kind. Rex’s heart sank and he was starting to feel sick to his stomach. He didn’t want to see Clay but the streets were so quiet that there was no way he could get away without being noticed. Rex started looking around frantically, trying to see if there was a dark alleyway he could duck into for a short while.

“Well, look at who we’ve got here.” Clay shouted from the distance.

Too late. Clay had seen him. There was nothing he could do except grin, make niceties and bear it. Rex gritted his teeth.

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