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Bad Ink II - Lily’s Submission (Lunch Break SFF Series, #2)

41 pages32 minutes


Lily's submissive behavior catches her by surprise. She had every intention of telling him that they couldn't continue screwing each other every time they saw one another, especially when she had to work with him.

Now, she wasn't so sure. She wondered what else he would do to her, and how many times he would send her into an orgasmic blitz. He seemed to never stop surprising her, and the idea of ending that completely seemed like...well, such a waste.

But how would she handle the situation when his ex walked into the bedroom?

For those that need a little help getting through the rest of the day, "Bad Ink I" is part of what the Author calls her "Lunch Break SFF Series, " the "SFF" stands for "Sexual Fantasy Fix." These books are short and hot, just the right length to read over a lunch break, and you're guaranteed to start the 2nd half of the day with a new bounce in your step.

Some books will be part of a series, and some will be stand alone, but all come with a WARNING... Ladies, always have a dry pair of panties to change into, or the rest of the day could be a little uncomfortable. Gentlemen, well on 2nd thought, I guess you know how to relieve yourselves if the need comes up, so just carry on!

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