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Fallen: An Angel Outlawed Prequel

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How is it like for angels to lose wings and live like a human being in a place as desolate and unreal to them as Earth?

That is how Brennan Trey is living his days after waking up human in a sleazy hotel and missing his wonderful wings. Bitter and angry, he walks a path of self-destruction and for the very first time, he really experiences how to be as weak as a human – he could feel pain, he could bleed, and it takes time for him to heal.

But the young man who bravely saved him from his thieves is hauled inside a jail after being mistaken as his attacker. He may be an ex-angel, but he’s never lost his sense of justness and righteousness. Brennan has to do something to help him. But he’s not a powerful angel anymore, and justice works differently on Earth.

Find out how our new ex-angel copes with his new life and how he learns the lessons that will someday make him the champion of innocents in a human court where justice is played like a game and only the brilliant wins….

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“NOOO,” Brennan moaned. “That wasn’t one of the men that attacked me! He was the one who drove them away and kept me from being murdered!”

“I respectfully disagree, Mr. Trey,” the detective said, frowning hard at him. His look suggested there was still something wrong with Brennan’s brain. “He was the only one at the scene and he was leaning over you.”

“Oh my god! What’s wrong with you people? Are you deaf?! That man was the one who chased away my attackers and was talking to me to keep me alert and conscious until help arrived! That’s the reason why he was leaning over me.”

“But… that didn’t seem to be what’s happening when we—”

Brennan was impatient. “What’s the man’s name?”

“The name of the suspect is Henry Ryker,” Detective Stevens said reluctantly.

“So let me get this straight,” Brennan said. “You found this Henry Ryker leaning over me on the sidewalk when you arrived and you just assumed that he was my attacker?”

“It was pretty cut and dried, Mr. Trey.”

“Didn’t you see his cell phone in his hand?” Brennan asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Well, of course, he would come up with an excuse for being there,” Detective Stevens piped up.

“And did you check if it was his number that called 911?”

This time, both detectives weren’t speaking.

“With all due respect, Detectives, Mr. Ryker did not ‘come up’ with an excuse for being there,” Brennan said. “He actually was there to help me. Please don’t tell me you’ve arrested him.”

“As a matter of fact, Mr. Ryker will be spending some time as the guest of the county,” Detective Allen responded.

“Oh, for the love of god!” Brennan said as loudly as he could manage. “I’ve got to get out of here.”

“Please, Mr. Trey—”

“Do not please me.” Brennan looked angrily at the detective. “I was rescued by a good man, and you railroaded him. This time, I’ve got to rescue him from you!”

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