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Rum Cay, Island Love

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Rum Cay – Island Love

The mysterious beauty and erotic elegance of the woman he sought became an obsession for Garrett Ross, a man trying to forget his past and the pain that drove him into the dangerous world of private covert ops. She was sensual beyond words, an exotic creature that caused most men to obey her desires, whether coerced or not. Liliana Washburn was completely lost when Garrett arrived on the island of Rum Cay, nowhere to turn, nowhere to run. He pursued her without reservation knowing that the notorious Geno Stagnoli wanted her returned to him. But after they met, it was undeniable that their love and passion would displace Garrett’s true intention to bring her back to Miami and meet her fate.
Their developing sexual hunger could not be satisfied as they work together to cover up her existence and take Liliana away from the dire circumstance of owing one of the most notorious gangsters in the nation. Relentless sexual intensity allows the two lovers carnal release from the tensions and torment they both secretly harbor from each other. When Garrett unexpectedly retells events that took place earlier in his life, Liliana must try to figure out how to escape further trouble, terrified that Garrett may find out about their intertwining past.
If you love to read romance novels like the fifty shades of grey trilogy, you will be immersed into the splendor and delight of Rum Cay, Island Love. You will see why many adult fiction readers are calling Rum Cay one of the top romance books series available today. Give yourself a gift of love and allow yourself the decadent pleasure to dive deep into the lives of our entangled lovers.
The sensuality and erotic intensity of Rum Cay, Island Love, surpasses anything that the reader could ever imagine as their descriptive sexual release grabs ahold of the senses and envelopes the heart. Garrett and Liliana’s love will take you to another place in time, another world where sensuality and erotic love connects us all as one.

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